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Sigtronics RES-2 Stereo Music Audio Switcher
Sigtronics RES-2 Stereo Music Audio Switcher
Sigtronics RES-2 Stereo Music Audio Switcher

Audio Switcher System
The Sigtronics RES-2 Audio Switcher is designed to provide a full, hi-fidelity stereo music system in aircraft without an intercom such as single-seat aircraft, or in multiple seat aircraft equipped with non-Sigtronics intercoms. This allows the pilot and any passengers to listen to any programmed entertainment, such as AM/FM radio, CD or MP3 player in stereo or monaural sound.
Music Inputs
The Sigtronics music switcher is fully compatible with music systems that have line level output, headphone level output, or speaker output up to 25 watts per channel. No additional amplifiers, adapters or modifications to the RES-2 unit are required. The Sigtronics RES-2 system is designed for use with general aviation Stereo headsets with high impedance speakers (200 to 600 ohms).
Operating Modes
Several modes of operation are possible. The pilot can listen to music and be switched automatically to the VHF when incoming transmissions occur, or may elect to remain on the VHF only (Pilot Isolate) and not listen to the music. The pilot also has the option of putting the passengers on uninterrupted music or letting the VHF interrupt their music so they may hear the radio communications.
Pre-Wired Harness
The RES-2 comes complete with pre-wired harness, stereo headphone jacks, wires and carries a 5 year warranty. The RES-2, like all Sigtronics products, is RFI and EMI free, and does not require shielded cable. The RES-2 weights only 11 ounces with cables and accessories, and is a compact 4" x 2.9" x 2" in size.

  • Pilot fail safe feature allows pilot to always hear radios.
  • Use Satellite Radio, MP3 or CD players as audio source.
  • Installation hardware included, including jack kit and pre-wired harness.
  • WARRANTY: Five years parts and labor.
Sale Price: $148.00


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