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Aviat Husky Aircraft Exhaust Power Flow Systems
Power Flow Aircraft Exhaust Aviat Husky
Aviat Husky Power Flow Aircraft Exhaust

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Please email [email protected] for pricing on Power Flow products. Prices fluctuate too frequently to remain current. Include registration number and engine make and model.

Aviat Husky 180HP (A1, A1A, A1B, A1C-180)

Current Husky flying Customers have confirmed our projected performance improvements:
  • Shortened take-off roll (by as much as 367 feet)
  • Improved Climb performance (8% - 15% depending on altitude)
  • Increased Service Ceiling (by 2,000 – 5,000 feet)
  • Faster Cruise Speed (+ 5 mph) for a slightly higher (+.5 gph) fuel burn


  • Reduced Fuel Burn (.4 – 1.0 gph) at your current cruise speed
  • Vastly improved (by more than 100O F!) Cabin Heat Output

Choose between the models for Aviat Husky, short stack polished or short stack ceramic. This exhaust system is FAA approved by STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for all A1, A1A, A1B and A1C-180 models powered by Lycoming O-360 engines. In recognition of the superior performance offered by our system, Aviat Aircraft now offers our Tuned Exhaust as a factory option on all new production Husky’s with the Lycoming O-360 engine. Customers have observed that our system puts the performance of their 180HP Husky’s squarely on a par with Aviat’s new 200HP versions – at a very small fraction of the price differential between those two aircraft. There is a 60 day money back guarantee for if some reason the performance benefits listed above fail to materialize on your Husky.

As noted above, the cabin heat output of Power Flow equipped Husky’s is over 100 degrees hotter than the stock cabin heat, so existing aircraft need to install Aviat's optional metal heater vents or watch in rapt fascination as your plastic vents are reduced to molten puddles before your very eyes (Trust us – we’ve done it!).

Husky aircraft not equipped with Aviat’s optional Vernier Mixture control should upgrade to the Vernier Mixture control. The Vernier control operates like the propeller pitch control for precise adjustment of the mixture. This allows you to take full advantage of the improvements in performance and fuel economy made possible by the Power Flow System.

We also strongly recommend the installation of the Challenger Air Filter system to further improve the performance of your Husky. Utilizing K&N’s high performance, reusable filtration media, the Challenger offers a very cost-effective improvement to the induction side of the engine. Improvements including:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increase in RPM or Manifold Pressure
  • Reported fuel savings of .3 to .5 gallons per hour
  • Uses K&N re-cleanable air filter media
  • Up to 50% more air flow with the same dirt holding capability
  • NO AD's
  • Installs into factory location
  • Up to 25 recharges or 2500 hrs

As a convenience, you can order the heater vents, mixture control and Challenger Air Filter package from us when you order your new Power Flow Tuned Exhaust to make installation easier and save on shipping costs below.

Visit Blue Skies Aviation, a PowerFlow Systems Risk Free Guarantee Installation Center.

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