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Knots2U Door and Window Seals - Beechcraft
Knots2U Beechcraft Door Seals
Knots2U Door and Window Seals - Beechcraft

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FAA-approved revolutionary new seal design!

Nearly a year of development and testing went into creating this revolutionary new sealing material. This new seal for General Aviation Aircraft is the result of a space age material developed for NASA. It is ideal for airplanes because it conforms to the sealing surfaces, forming a perfect sealing bond between the door and the fuselage. Custom extruded from a special hybrid rubber compound, the new seal is superior to any seal on the market.

The hybrid rubber compound sealing material is unique because it compresses under pressure from the door. When the door stops applying pressure against the seal, the seal no longer compresses and actually makes an impression of the surface pressing against it. This seal conforms to surfaces so well that when you open the door you will actually see a perfect imprint in the seal of every rivet and seam!

The seal has the ability to compress from its full thickness to as small as 1/32" thick without losing its sealing ability. The hybrid compound meets Military Specifications (Mil Spec) and is now certified for use on single engine aircraft by the FAA, requiring only a log book entry. The seal is FAA-PMA APPROVED, Affordable, and Made in the USA. The new seals are available at a fraction of the cost of OEM seals and benefits of their use include an airtight and water tight fit, and greatly reduced cabin noise for even more enjoyable flying!

  • The best adhesive for seal installation is EC1300L or 3M 08001.
  • One of the toughest parts of replacing your seals is removing the old adhesive. Most adhesive removers simply aren't effective. We now carry Peerco 321 adhesive remover in a handy 1 pint container. It will clean up the old adhesive in just a fraction of the time.
  • Seal lube should be applied yearly to keep the door seals looking like new. It applies in minutes and will guarantee maximum life from all of your door and window seals. A tube is shipped free with all door seal orders which will be enough to last about a year.


Special Instructions

Beech Front Entry Door Seal

Door Seal, Front Entry Door (Incl ADS-B115 Hinge Seals), Beech 33/35/36/55/58/95 Models (ADS-B127) [$239.95]
Door Seal, Front Entry Door, Beech 19/23/24/76/77 Models (ADS-B125) [$146.95]
Beech Window Seal

Window Seal, Storm Window, Frameless, Self-Adhesive, Beech 33/35/36/55/58/95 Models (ADS-B137) [$26.95]
Window Seal, Storm Window Frame, Self-Adhesive, Beech 33/35/55/95 (ADS-B139) [$25.95]
Window Seal, Emergency Exit, Self-Adhesive, Beech 35/36/55/58/95 (Early to 1979) Models (ADS-B131) [$65.95]
Window Seal, Emergency Exit, Self-Adhesive, Beech 36/58 (Late 1980 and on) Models (ADS-B132) [$65.95]
Aircraft Registration Number

Beech Aft Utility Door Seal

Door Seal, Aft Utility, Beech 36/58 Models (ADS-B270) [$245.95]
Beech Baggage Door Seal

Door Seal, Cabin Baggage Door (Includes Large Door), Beech 33/35/55/95 Models (ADS-B133) [$105.95]
Door Seal, Large Baggage Door with window, Beech 23/24 Models (ADS-B136) [$87.95]
Door Seal, Large Baggage Door, Beech 76/77 Models (ADS-B141) [$89.95]
Door Seal, Small Baggage Door, Beech 23/24 Models (ADS-B135) [$60.95]
Door Seal, Nose Baggage, Self-Adhesive, Beech 50/55/58/95 Models (ADS-B250) [$80.95]
Beech Front Entry Hinge Set

Door Seal, Front Entry Hinge (set of 2), Beech 33/35/36/55/58/95 Models (ADS-B115) [$85.95]

Door and Window Seal Lube (0.25 oz) (ADS-SL101) [$6.50]
Peerco 321 Door and Window Seal Adhesive Remover (1 pint) (AR321) [$45.20]
EC1300L Door and Window Seal Adhesive (AD-ADH) [$14.95]

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