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JP Instruments Fuel Scan FS-450***Instant Rebate Applied***
JP Instruments Fuel Scan FS-450
JP Instruments Fuel Scan-450

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***$50 Instant Rebate Already Applied***

The Aviation Consumer, Product of the Year, the FS-450 is the top choice because it has all the options you need for fuel management.

  • Fuel Used
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Hours and Minutes Remaining
  • Fuel Required to Waypoint/ Destination
  • Fuel Reserves

The JPI FS-450 features a dual display, always showing your fuel flow rates on the upper display and other measurements on the bottom. The scan rate to display these measurements can be adjusted at a user selected rate. Every FS-450 will interface with your panel mount or hand-held GPS. There are no extra options to purchase. FAA, TSO approved.

Accuracy: The FS-450 relies on two very reliable fuel flow sensors. Each sensor is mounted in the fuel line prior to the fuel distributor or carburetor and measures the actual fuel flowing through the line. Inside the sensor is a turbine wheel that rotates at a rate proportional to the instantaneous amount of fuel passing through it. The rotating turbine interrupts a light beam and an optical sensor counts the pulses of the interrupted beam. A microprocessor in the FS-450 counts the pulses and converts the count to fuel flow. The FS-450 will also track the total fuel used and the fuel remaining.

** FS-450000-R and FS-450000-H Ship in 5-10 Business Days.

Product Code: JPI-FS-450


FS-450000, No Transducer, Indicator and Harness only [$510.00]
FS 450000-G, All gravity flow installations without fuel pump [$550.00]
FS-450000-P, All fuel injected engines with fuel pump [$550.00]
FS-450000-R, Rotax Engine 2-30 GPH [$1,010.00]
FS-450000-H, High Flow, range up to 120 GPH [$1,355.00]
FS-450000-D, Pressure Carb engine vapor return line Req 2 transducers [$9,050.00]
FS-450000-M, Twin Fuel Flow, Single display w/2 transducers [$1,135.00]
Special Instructions

Transducer Type

Engine with fuel pump
Gravity flow (Engine without fuel pump)

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Fuel Flow FS-450

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