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GAMIjector & turboGAMIjector Aircraft Fuel Injectors
GAMIjector Aircraft Fuel Injector
GAMIjector Aircraft Fuel Injector


GAMIjector® fuel injectors and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are fuel injection nozzles designed to deliver specific amounts of fuel to each individual cylinder that will compensate for the fuel/air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of the engine fuel/air systems.

Each GAMIjector® fuel injector is carefully calibrated to much tighter tolerances than standard fuel injectors available for your engine. Our award winning GAMIjector® fuel injectors alter the fuel/air ratio in each cylinder so that each cylinder operates with a much more nearly uniform fuel/air ratio than occurs with any standard factory set of injectors. You will see the difference on your engine monitor with the very first flight! Click here for videos about GAMIjectors: GAMI youtube video play list

GAMI has developed and certified specifications for a set of precision fuel injectors for almost all engines in the current Continental and Lycoming fleet of fuel injected engines. We have STCs and PMAs on over 300 different engine models.

These specifications are optimized for each engine model, based on the extensive testing with GAMI's state-of-the-art 96 channel data acquisition system. Data, not "hangar talk"!

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GAMIjector for Lycoming, 4 Cyl [$845.00]
GAMIjector for Lycoming, 6 Cyl [$1,040.00]
GAMIjector for Continental, 6 Cyl [$1,040.00]
GAMIjector for Lycoming, 8 Cyl [$1,340.00]
Turbo GAMIjector for Lycoming, 4 Cyl [$1,040.00]
Turbo GAMIjector for Lycoming, 6 Cyl [$1,340.00]
Turbo GAMIjector for Continental, 6 Cyl [$1,190.00]
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"Flying The Injected Engine" with Barry Schiff

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