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Electronics International MVP-50P Piston Engine Monitor (Certified)
Electronics International MVP-50P Piston Engine Monitor (Certified)
Electronics International MVP-50P Piston Engine Monitor (Certified)

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The MVP-50P is a full color, glass-paneled, completely customizable engine analyzer. The MVP-50P allows pilots to accurately monitor dozens of engine and system parameters, program redline limits, set up custom inputs, create interactive checklists, store general flight information, build flight plans, record and review pertinent data from every flight, and so much more. The MVP-50P has been designed with the same thoughtful engineering that goes into every EI product, so even though the MVP-50P is by far the most powerful system in the industry, it is sure to be one of the easiest systems to use in your cockpit. It mounts flush with the panel, creating a clean panel look and feel.

All of the probes and transducers are connected to the EDC (Engine Data Converter). This small box (4.5” x 3.5” x 2.2”) converts all engine data to serial data, which is then provided to the MVP-50P via two wires. This reduces installation time and the wire bundle to the instrument panel by over 100 wires. The EDC can interface with any probe or transducer. The EDC comes prewired (i.e., the harnesses are provided with each MVP-50P package).

Two MVP-50Ps provide the ultimate solution for a twin-engine aircraft. The moment an engine problem arises with one of the engines the digital display for the out-of-limit function will blink in the color of its current operating range. In addition, an external caution or warning light will blink giving the pilot the earliest possible indication of an issue. All the information needed for the engine in question is in a single display. You do not have to hunt all over the instrument panel to find the data necessary to make a decision. The accuracy of the digital display for each engine parameter (M.P., RPM, Fuel Flow, etc.) allows the pilot to balance each engine’s performance and synchronize the props with ease.

Please fill out the MVP-50P Configuration Worksheet and email to [email protected]

Product Code: EI-MVP-50P-C


MVP-50P-4-C (4 Cyl Package) [$6,250.00]
MVP-50P-6-C (6 Cyl Package) [$6,650.00]
MVP-50P-7-C (7 Cyl Package) [$6,863.00]
MVP-50P-8-C (8 Cyl Package - Comes with 2 EDC-33Ps) [$6,825.00]
MVP-50P-9-C (9 Cyl Package - Comes with 2 EDC-33Ps) [$7,729.00]
MVP-50P-4T-C (Twin 4 Cyl Package - Comes with 2 MVP-50P Packages and 2 EDC-33Ps) [$12,340.00]
MVP-50P-6T-C (Twin 6 Cyl Package - Comes with 2 MVP-50P Packages and 2 EDC-33Ps) [$13,055.00]
Special Instructions

Additional Cable Lengths

Extend to 12 feet cable length [$250.00]
Extend to 20 feet cable length [$500.00]
Add 8130 Certificate (EI)

If you need an 8130, it must be added when ordering. [$195.00]
Add Certificate of Conformance (EI)

Certificate of Conformance [$10.00]
Pressure Altitude & VSI

Magnetic Float Sensor P-300M

MVP-50P Carbon Monoxide Detector


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