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Electronics International CGR-30P Premium Engine Monitor
Electronics International CGR-30P Premium Engine Monitor
Electronics International CGR-30P Premium Engine Monitor

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CGR-30P Color Engine Monitor (STC’d and TSO’d as Primary Replacement)
Our STC’d/TSO’d CGR-30P can replace your aircraft’s tachometer and MANY of your existing primary instruments. Because the CGR-30P is installed in a standard 3-1/8” hole, it doesn’t protrude from your panel or cover adjacent instruments. This gives the CGR-30P a distinct advantage over the competition because it seamlessly integrates into your panel, is easy to install and is the perfect size to fit into an aircraft panel. One of the many impressive features of the CGR-30P is its ability to alert the pilot the moment a function exceeds its programmed limit. All engine data is displayed in one location. There’s no need to search the entire instrument panel to obtain critical data.

  • Primary Replacement STC’d, TSO’d & PMA’d
  • Remove your old engine instruments, including RPM, EGT/CHT, Fuel Flow, Volts, OAT!
  • Upgrade your aircraft panel with the best engine analyzer available.
  • CGR-30P fits into your existing 3 1/8″ hole (remove your old tach).
  • Engine Data Converter (EDC) accepts all inputs. Only 2 wires run to the back of the instrument.
Please fill out the CGR-30P Premium Configuration Worksheet and email to [email protected]

Every package is custom built to your POH/AFM. Please allow for longer than normal lead times. Due to increased demand, our current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

CGR-30P Engine Monitor Includes:
RPM, EGT/CHT Bar Graph, Fuel Remaining, Tach Time, Local Time, Fuel Used, GPS/Fuel Flow Data, External Caution & Warning, and Data Recording.

Also Included (Pick 5):
Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Right Fuel Level, Left Fuel Level, Aux Fuel Level, TIT, Carbon Monoxide Detector (add $695), VAC, Volts.

Optional (Pick up to Five):
OAT, HP, Flight Timer, Local Time, Zulu Time, Hydraulic Pressure, G-Meter, Carb Temp, Amps, Second Amp Measurement.

Product Code: EI-CGR-30P-PREMIUM.


CGR-30P-4-P (4 Cyl Premium Package) [$4,098.00]
CGR-30P-6-P (6 Cyl Premium Package) [$4,448.00]
CGR-30P-7-P (7 Cyl Premium Package) [$5,298.00]
CGR-30P-9-P (9 Cyl Premium Package) [$5,348.00]
CGR-30-T-4 (Twin 4 Cyl Premium Package - Includes Left and Right Engine CGR-30P) [$7,998.00]
CGR-30-T-6 (Twin 6 Cyl Premium Package - Includes Left and Right Engine CGR-30P) [$8,998.00]
Special Instructions

Additional Cable Lengths

Extend to 12 feet cable length [$250.00]
Extend to 20 feet cable length [$500.00]
Add 8130 Certificate (EI)

If you need an 8130, it must be added when ordering. [$195.00]
Add Certificate of Conformance (EI)

Certificate of Conformance [$10.00]
Carbon Monoxide Detector


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