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Bogert Aviation Tail Wheel Aircraft Tow Bar
Bogert Aviation Tail Wheel Aircraft Tow Bar
Bogert Aviation Tail Wheel Aircraft Tow Bar

Bogi Bars stay on until you take them off. Please reference attached chart for correct item for aircraft.

Benefits and Features
  • Combination of steel used for durability.
  • Foam rubber hand and lever grips standard.
  • High shear quick release pins adjust length.
  • Powder coating process resists scratches.
  • Lifetime guarantee when used for the intended purpose.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Compact - most are only 39 inches collapsed and 48 inches extended.
  • Extend handle using a quick release pin.
  • Open the jaws by pressing forward on the spreader lever.
  • Position feet at the nose or tail wheel assembly.
  • Release tension on spreader bar to lock on the bogi-bar.
Model #Tail Wheel Aircraft
04M-ABIAlaskan Bushwheel
04M-APIAviation Products Tail Wheel
04M-F24Fairchild 24, Beech Stagger Wing
04M-GLA-TWGlaStar and Sportsman aircraft (tail wheel configuration)
04M-LGCUBLegend Cub
04M-MATCOMATCO Fork type tail wheel
04M-MATCO-DLMATCO tail wheel dog-leg
04M-RV*Vans RV3, RV4, RV6, RV7, RV8, and RV9
04M-TDGScott 3200 and 3400
04M-XPCessna XP Modification


Bogi Bars - Tail Wheel Tow Bar

04M-ABI [$271.00]
04M-API [$271.00]
04M-F24 [$296.00]
04M-GLA-TW [$271.00]
04M-LGCUB [$271.00]
04M-MATCO [$271.00]
04M-MATCO-DL [$271.00]
04M-RV [$271.00]
04M-TDG [$271.00]
04M-XP [$271.00]


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