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JPI EDM 800, JPI Rebate

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Think of the EDM 800 as your personal flight engineer. It's always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. The EDM 800 adds fuel flow and a host of additional features to the legendary EDM 700. Leaning is accomplished quickly and automatically using the LeanFind™ procedure. With the EDM it is now possible to have substantially more diagnostic information available to you in a timely and usable manner.

The EDM 800 records, ALL 29 functions, every 6 Seconds, for up to 25hrs., or every minute for 550 hrs., including fuel used. Data downloads to any computer. USB port optional.

Percent of Horse Power, This is not a for-show calculation. It is an accurate calculation using OAT, RPM, MAP and Fuel Flow, accurate for LOP Complete fuel flow system. Not like brand-x that only displays GPH and you have to buy a second instrument to see the rest. True data recording that works. Record rate adjustable from every 2 to 255 seconds. ROP and LOP Mode. The only true LOP where you see each cylinder as it goes over lean. TSO Quality. Brand-x offers a 1 year warranty and a 3 yr. extended warranty at a cost of $129. JPI offers everything Brand-x offers FREE. EZTrends JPI Charting software is Free. Brand-x offers download software free. Well how do you Chart the data? You pay $125 for Charting software. RPM, Manifold pressure with sensor, Outside Air Temp. with probe. The EDM-800 can be a Primary Replacement for CHT, OIL temperature and Turbine Inlet Temperature at which time the model is changed to EDM-711. In addition to all of EDM 800 features, you can also add Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, TIT, CDT, IAT, Carb temperature gauges, please check them below if wanted.

  • PROBE RESPONSE: JPI's probes are so sensitive that they respond to every temperature change. JPI's fine tip, high response, grounded EGT probes are made of a space age metal. Hastaloy-X is a superior metal to stainless steel probes. Massive un-grounded probes can not respond to fast temperature changes like leaning an engine.
  • EDM's are the only bargraph instruments that have met the harsh environmental standards of FAA,TSO. All of JPI's EDM's are TSO'd for Quality, with a three year warranty.
  • All EDM kits are complete.

Product Code: EDM-800


EDM-800-4 cyl [$2,825.00]
EDM-800-6 cyl [$3,110.00]
Engine RPM Sensor

Slick Mag (included)
Slick Mag Pressurized (included)
Bendix Mag (included)
Bendix Mag Pressurized (included)
Bendix Dual Mag (both on same side) (included)
Special Instructions

Aircraft make and model

CHT Adapter Probe

CHT M113-3/8 probe adapter for aircraft with existing CHT probe [$110.00]

Download Option

Add 8130 Certificate

Add Export Certificate to order, please specify for what location in special instructions [$250.00]
Additional CDT

Additional CRB

Additional IAT

Additional Oil Pressure

Additional Oil Temperature

Additional TIT

Make Primary

Make CHT, Oilt Temp and TIT primary [$300.00]

Features Technical Specs
Overview of the EDM-800

Shock cooling
LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
Fuel Flow (USED, Remaining, GPH
Endurance, GPS destination)
MAP (Requires: OAT, RPM, MAP, & FF )
All required Harnesses

3 year Warranty

Optional functions:
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
CARB Temperature
Download box with Memory stick
USB built-in with Memory stick

The EDM 800 displays temperature digitally and in analog format. The EGT as displayed is based on probes located near the exhaust outlet for each cylinder and the TIT probe, if installed, is adjacent to the turbo charger.

EDM 800 Product Features
(some functions may be optional**)

Hands-free, automatic scanning (711: primary only)
All programming done from the Front Panel
LeanFind™ finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true peak detect —eliminates a false peaks
Displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak
Battery voltage with alarm
24 Programmable alarm limits
Normalize view
DIF low to high EGT with alarm
EGTs to stable 1°F resolution
Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder
User selectable index rate
Fast response probes
Non-volatile long term memory
Records and stores data up to 30 hours
Post-flight data retrieval
Download to Palm™ Computer
Data retrieval software

FAA Approved as primary temperature instruments for CHT, OIL, TIT
Oil temperature **
Turbine inlet temperature**
Outside air temperature**
Compressor discharge temperature**
Carburetor temperature**
Fuel Flow
Solid-state rotor fuel flow transducer
Fuel quantity in gallons, kilograms, liters, or pounds
Low fuel quantity alarm
Low fuel time alarm
GPS interface
Instantaneous fuel flow rate
Total amount of fuel consumed
Total fuel remaining
Time to empty at the current fuel flow rate

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