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iLevil AW2 Handheld or Panel Mounted GPS AHRS, and ADS-B
iLevil AW2 Handheld Panel Mounted GPS AHRS ADS-B
iLevil AW2 Handheld and Panel Mounted GPS ADS-B AHRS

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iLevil AW2 cannot ship out until late May 2015!

A more advanced system designed for experimental and Light Sport aviation. The 2-AW provides dual band ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation and AD-AHRS technology. Unlike the SW version, the iLevil AW can be used as a portable OR permanent-mount instrument. It integrates static and dynamic pressure transducers which generate indicated airspeed and pressure altitude obtained from the pitot-static system, ultimately offering a "six-pack" solution displayed on a tablet. The iLevil AW facilitates installation with remote GPS and ADS-B antennas and power inputs for 12V and 28V systems. Compatibility with mobile devices makes the AW the ideal all-in-one solution for Light Sport aircraft where weight and space are an issue.
  • WAAS GPS inside (remote antenna)
  • Roll, Pitch, Magnetic Heading, Rate of Turn, Inclination, and G-meter data output
  • Indicated Airspeed and Pressure Altitude when connected to the Pitot-Static system of the aircraft
  • 978/1090 MHz ADS-B receiver with remote antenna option
  • WiFi Access Point (enables +10 devices connected to the same iLevil)
  • Open infrastructure (compatible with many apps on both iOS and Android platforms)
  • Internal Rechargeable battery (4 Hrs) with remote ON/OFF control, useful in power failure emergencies.
  • Automatic ON/OFF operation through DB15 connector using 5V, 12V or 28V power input
  • 3-axis gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers professionally calibrated for aviation-grade performance.
  • Micro-USB communication for remote firmware updates, data transfer and battery charging.
  • IN/OUT serial communication (allows data transfer to/from other hardware inside the cockpit (i.e. Engine Monitors, Autopilot etc).

Sale Price: $1,395.00

Product Code: ILEVIL-AW2

iLevil Mount

iLevil Mount [$49.00]The RAM-B-166-UN7U works perfectly with the iLevil series to facilitate installation. It consists of a 3.25" twist lock suction cup base, double socket system and universal spring loaded X-Grip® holder. The suction cup, twist lock base is designed to have a strong hold on glass and non-porous plastic surfaces, making it the ideal mount for your device and provides a calibrating mechanism for the internal AHRS.

Features Technical Specs Information
Does the iLevil AHRS need to be level?
Here are basic guidelines to follow when installing your iLevil:
1. The iLevil needs a surface that will be level, when the airplane is in the air during level flight.
2. It is ok if such surface is not level when on the ground (i.e tail wheel airplane).
3. The iLevil Mount (sold separately) allows you to adjust the level position and facilitates installation
4. If unable to find a level surface, you may use the �cage� or �calibrate� features on your specific App to adjust minor errors.
5. It does NOT have to be centerline, but the labels must be facing up and the airplane drawing must be facing forward.

Does your system overheat and do I need to cover it from sunshine?
NO! It is designed to get light from the sun and power your batteries. The iLevil series is designed to withstand cold and heat and is calibrated to operate properly in such conditions.
Is your system WiFi or Bluetooth, and how many devices can I connect?
The iLevil has an internal WiFi transceiver that acts as an access point. You may connect as many devices as you want simultaneously regardless of the operating system (iOS or Android). Note: You do NOT need an internet or cellular connection in the air for your iLevil to work.
How can I upgrade the firmware on my iLevil?
Firmware updates may include integration with other hardware or internal software enhancements. You can upgrade the firmware remotely using a Windows computer and a program called TeraTerm. See the Downloads site for more information.
What products can the iLevil series be linked to? See complete list here
1. Panel mounted displays that accept ADS-B data through a serial port or USB port
2. Portable displays that are WiFi enabled (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Tablet and Android Phone)
3. Portable iFLY GPS systems by Adventure Pilot
4. Zaon XRX for TCAS traffic
5. Engine Analyzers with serial output (GRT EIS, Advanced Flight Systems)
6. Navworx ADS600-B (ADS-B in and out)
7. Auto-pilots that accepts NMEA input

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