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JPI EDM 730 JP Instruments Aircraft Engine Monitor
JP Instruments EDM 730 Aircraft Engine Monitor

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The JP Instruments EDM 730 is a flight engineer, a maintenance manager and a backup instrument. The EDM 730 monitors your aircraft engine parameters three times a second and will warn you instantly if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit. With this system, you get reduced maintenance costs with detailed information about where issues are. Greater fuel economy with the improved engine efficiency for all around smoother engine operation. Ensure that your engine is staying at the proper temperatures to reach lean of peak with the JPI EDM 730 - TSO'd for quality.

It comes with:
  • the monitor itself that can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • EGT 4 or 6 probes
  • CHT 4 or 6 probes
  • Volts
  • Shock cooling
  • Span (highest to lowest EGT)
  • LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
  • Power connector
  • EGT/CHT Harness
  • EZTrends
  • Data recording-100 hrs. Download USB
  • 1 GB memory stick
  • Select Positions for Linear gauges
  • 3 year Warranty

Attention: We match all competitors listed prices (as long as competitors pricing is current)

Product Code: EDM-730


EDM-730-4C 4 cyl [$1,725.00]
EDM-730-6C 6 cyl [$2,430.00]
EDM-730-7C 7 cyl [$2,570.00]
EDM-730-8C 8 cyl [$2,660.00]
EDM-730-9C 9 cyl [$2,840.00]
Aircraft make and model

Aircraft Registration Number


Add flush mount PN 700830 [$85.00]

Add RPM Sensor Option [$290.00]
Engine Serial Number

Fuel Flow Option

Do not add fuel flow
Add Fuel Flow Option without a Transducer [$160.00]
With a Transducer, includes harness [$405.00]
Additional CRB

Add optional CRB function [$195.00]
Additional IAT

Add optional IAT function [$195.00]
Additional MAP

Add MAP function [$299.00]
Additional OAT

Add optional OAT Outside Air Temperature function [$195.00]
Additional Oil Pressure

Add Oil Pressure function with harness [$299.00]
Additional Oil Temperature

Additional TIT

Add optional TIT function [$195.00]

Features Technical Specs
EDM 730 installed in a 1983 Cessna 172 RG
With the EDM 730, it is now possible to have substantially more diagnostic information available to you in a timely and usable manner.
  • Improved engine efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Greater fuel economy
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Proper engine temperatures
  • Longer spark plug life
  • Reduced engine vibration

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