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Insight Avionics TAS-1000 Data Source
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Insights Avionics TAS 1000 MFDS


Here's Why You Need Insights TAS 1000 MFDS

The essential component for your GPS system
Modern avionics today integrate many functions with your GPS, but standard installations leave many important features untapped. The TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source was specifically designed to supply all the information needed to fill in the missing pieces of your GPS or MFD display in real-time.

Stand alone multi-function instrument
In addition to it's role as an important partner in your GPS system, the TAS 1000 MFDS is a versatile multi-function instrument. Configured by the pilot to meet exact needs, TAS 1000 is simple and user-friendly.

I just love that Windicator!
Everyone underestimates the importance of having an instantaneous display of wind speed and direction until they see it in action. Once pilots have experienced flying with the WindicatorTM, they won't fly without it!

Full function fuel computer
The simple dedicated fuel computer is now obsolete. The TAS 1000 MFDS offers extensive fuel management information, and is user configured using a rotary switch for fuel setting. TAS makes it easier and faster to initialize, than other fuel computers.

An altitude alert
The TAS has the best, built-in Altitude Alert on the market. Unlike other add-on alerts that depend on the coarse resolution of an altitude encoder, the TAS uses baro-corrected altitude derived directly from static pressure.
Improve safety and precision of your IFR procedures with TAS 1000's altitude alert.

The magic barometer connection
Modern GPS systems require a barometer setting input. The TAS 1000 MFDS can read baro setting from many types of altimeters, incorporate it into its calculations, and transmit to most GPS's. The pilot just sets the altimeter and everything else is automatically updated.



Front Mount [$720.00]
Rear Mount [$720.00]
For Piston Engine, includes 1 Windicator [$2,840.00]
For Turbo charged Piston and Turbo Prop [$4,270.00]
For Jets, Includes 1 Windicator [$10,010.00]
Special Instructions

Aircraft make and model

Fuel Flow Smart Sensors for Piston

TAS 10 ft Cable Assembly

TAS 24 ft Cable Assembly

TAS Install Kit with OAT Probe

TAS 5"Cable Assembly for Windicator

TAS Expansion Module


Features Technical Specs Information

TAS 1000

Multi-Function Data List:

Air Data Functions:

Pressure Altitude, Barometric Setting, Density Altitude, Density Altitude Difference, Indicated Air Speed, True Air Speed, Ground Speed, Mach number, IVSI, Climb/Descent Gradient, Total Air Temperature, Static Air Temperature, ISA Temperature, Battery Voltage

Alert Functions

Altitude Alerts, Overspeed Warning

Fuel Functions

Total Fuel Flow, Total Fuel Used, Total Fuel Remaining, Left Fuel Flow, Left Fuel Used, Right Fuel Flow, Right Fuel Used, Fuel Flow Left/Right

Fuel Efficiency

Wind Functions

Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Wind Component, Wind Correction Angle

Exclusive Jet Functions

Take-Off Decision Speed, Rotation Speed, Take-Off Distance, Take-Off Power Setting, Climb Speed, Approach Speed, Landing Distance, Current Aircraft Weight, Static Error Correction

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