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Insight Avionics G4 Single Engine
Insight Avionics G4 Aircraft Engine Monitor
Insight Avionics G4 Aircraft Engine Monitor

Alternative Views:

  • G Series is best technology available, there’s nothing else like it, nothing even comes close.
  • Operation lean of peak requires special information that only the G3 or G4 Graphic Engine Monitor can provide.
  • The G Series instruments are extraordinarily capable yet easy to use.
  • G Series specialized innovative leaning process is the first and only one to ever earn a patent.
  • Unprecedented in its sophistication, most importantly it makes a complex process easy to accomplish.
  • Leaning with reference to temperature only is just too confusing for LOP.
  • Our specialized process reports each individual cylinders status in unambiguous form.
  • You needn’t ponder if a cylinder is rich or lean we display that too.
Injector Analysis:
  • Nozzle flow uniformity is paramount to operation lean of peak but only Insight delivers a nozzle analysis every time you lean.
  • G Series can forewarn of problems and assure uniformity of results. Of course other systems just leave you in the dark.
G Series Data:
  • G Series instruments are not just temperature indicators, they compute real-time results using manifold pressure, RPM, fuel flow and temperatures.
  • G Series handles the raw data to eliminate confusion and provide answers. It couldn’t be easier.
  • While constantly displaying critical information during flight the G Series always work diligently behind the scenes too, logging data to a handy SD card for study later so nothing is missed.
  • It’s easy to go back in time, study trends and trace problems to root cause
  • Decades ago Insight introduced the first instrument to display cylinder and exhaust gas temperature of all cylinders simultaneously.
  • This innovation eventually became the industry standard as all other manufacturers followed suit.
  • Engine monitors depend on numerous temperature probes that have equal potential to inform or confuse when any of them fail.
  • In fact probe failures can easily be confused with engine failures.
  • Only the G Series has a probe diagnostic system built in.

Product Code: G4-SINGLE-ENGINE

Special Instructions

Features Technical Specs
Insight Instruments video

Special Lean Of Peak Functionality

Unparalleled ease of operation
Nozzle balance analysis every time

Extensive Measurement Coverage

Simultaneous EGT, CHT, TIT
Bus voltage, instrument vacuum
Fuel flow, fuel used, alternator temp, OAT
Manifold pressure, RPM, oil temp, oil pressure

Continuous Probe Diagnosis

Confirm system integrity
Save time trouble-shooting

Sophisticated Data Logging

Unlimited storage on standard SD camera card
Integrates data from multiple sources
PC compatible files and directories

Detailed Vibration Analysis

Safely operate lean of peak
Detect early stage mechanical problems
Prevent catastrophic engine failures

G4 TITFully Compatible Upgrade
New installs or upgrades are
quick and easy
GEM trade-in offers available


1 - Best lean of peak process in the industry
2 - The only probe diagnostic screen
3 - The only nozzle balance analysis, the key to lean of peak
4 - The only real-time - Spectral Vibration Analysis
5 - Comprehensive data log - windows files SD card
6 - Over the web software updates - constant improvement
7 - Integral fuel computer with GPS fuel interface
8 - GEM plug compatible - easy install
9 - Exhaust valve analysis - EGT Variation Spectrum
10 - Best technical support

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