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Insight Avionics G3 Single Engine
Insight Avionics G3 Engine Management
Insight Avionics G3 Engine Monitor

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The original GEM was a solitary player. The G3 instrument has two control knobs that operate combination rotary and push button switches. The top knob in general controls screen selection while the bottom knob controls items within the given screen. Each screen assigns its own functional needs to the controls that may change depending on context. A screen may also label the controls with guidance information like Push to exit. The G3 is also designed to expand and grow with the times. Less than half of its true potential has been released at this time. The instrument can be updated to acquire new features by loading the SD card via the internet. Another great feature is why not have the G3 instrument diagnose itself? Then you don't have to disassemble the airplane or even touch the wiring. The probe diagnosis page indications are in green for normal readings and red for readings that fail the criteria set at the bottom of the screen. Please choose from the models available below, if you want a standard model make sure you choose "I'm choosing a standard model" in the "Special Models" section so that it doesn't show in your order and vice versa.
  • G3 Standard Upgrade, 4 or 6 Cyl With core return for 602, 603, 610, G1
  • G3 Standard Upgrade, 4 or 6 Cyl, Core G2 With core return for G2
For faster processing, print the order form and complete it. Scan it to your computer and upload it during the check out process or email it to EMAPAsales@gmail.com Order Form
  • Special Lean Of Peak Functionality, Unparalleled ease of operation, Nozzle balance analysis every time including:
  • Extensive Measurement Coverage
  • Simultaneous EGT, CHT, TIT
  • Bus voltage, instrument vacuum
  • Fuel flow, fuel used, alternator temp, OAT
  • Manifold pressure, RPM, oil temp, oil pressure
  • Continuous Probe Diagnosis
  • Confirm system integrity
  • Save time trouble-shooting
  • Sophisticated Data Logging
  • Unlimited storage on standard SD camera card
  • Integrates data from multiple sources
  • PC compatible files and directories
  • G3Detailed Vibration Analysis
  • Safely operate lean of peak
  • Detect early stage mechanical problems
  • Prevent catastrophic engine failures
  • Fully Compatible Upgrade
  • Plug & play with all G10 instruments
  • New installs or upgrades are quick and easy
  • GEM trade-in offers available

Product Code: G3-SINGLE-ENGINE


I'm choosing a special model.
G3 Standard, 4 Cyl [$3,020.00]
G3 Turbo, 4 Cyl [$3,180.00]
G3 Standard, 6 Cyl [$3,220.00]
G3 Turbo, 6 Cyl [$3,380.00]
G3 (2) Turbo, 4 Cyl [$3,330.00]
G3 (2) Turbo, 6 Cyl [$3,280.00]
G3 Standard Upgrade, 4 or 6 Cyl [$2,580.00]
G3 Standard Upgrade, 4 or 6 Cyl, Core G2 [$2,275.00]
Special Models

I'm choosing a standard model.
G3 Cherokee Six, Lance, Saratoga [$3,413.00]Includes 10 ft. Harness
G3, 4 Cylinder Lake [$3,283.00]Includes 24' Harness
G3, Enstrom [$3,575.00]Includes CHT adaptor, 14' Harness, TIT Probe
G3, 6 Cylinder Lake [$3,608.00]Includes 24' Harness
G3 Turbo Lance, Saratoga [$3,725.00]Includes 10 ft. Harness
G3 Malibu [$3,868.00]Includes CHT adaptor, 14' Harness, TIT probe
G3 Mirage [$3,900.00]Includes 6 CHT adaptors, 14' Harness, TIT probe
G3, 6 Cylinder TURBO Lake [$3,965.00]Includes 24' Harness, TIT probe
Special Instructions

Aircraft make and model

Harness Length

Keep Factory CHT Gauge

CHT Adapter Probe

Dual TIT Probe

Fuel Flow Junction Box Combiner

Keep Factory TIT Gauge

2nd Transducer for PCARB

Electronic Ignition

Large Bezel Adapter Plate


Features Technical Specs Information
Insight Instruments video

System Monitors:

  • EGT
  • CHT
  • Fuel Flow
  • RPM
  • Manifold Pressure O
  • il Temp/Pressure
  • OAT
  • TIT
  • Carb Temp
  • HP%
  • Prop Balance
  • Clock/Calendar
System Includes:
  • G3 Display Comes in 2-1/4" or (3-1/8" COMING SOON)
  • Probe Kit (Base on cylinders)
    • EGT
    • CHT
    • TIT (if turbo charged version ordered)
    • OAT
    • Oil Pressure
    • Oil Temp
    • Carb Temp (If needed)
    • Fuel Flow

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