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Electronics International CGR-30 Basic,,
Electronics International CGR-30 Basic

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Replace your Tachometer with Electronic International’s CGR-30P, and bring glass panel technology to your panel today, without breaking the bank. The CGR-30P is a TSO’d, STC’d Primary Replacement engine instrument. What can it replace? The answer: most of the aircraft’s primary engine functions.

The beauty of the CGR-30P is that YOU get to choose many of the functions the CGR-30P replaces. Designed as a Cluster Gauge Replacement (CGR), the CGR will replace your Tachometer, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Flow Totalizer, EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer, and more!

The CGR is divided into three separate screens. The three screens are the Main Screen, Secondary Screen, and the Fuel Management Screen.

Option to add a smart charger that adds two USB ports for anything compatible including tablets, smart phones, etc and three data ports for upgrades/ downloading for only $170.00 more!

For faster processing, print the markings form for the CGR-30P Basic and complete it. Scan it into your computer and upload it during the check out process or email it to sales@emapa.aero.

Replace your factory tach with our STC'd CGR-30P Basic model! The 3 ⅛" CGR-30P Basic will fit in your existing tachometer hole, monitor each of your EGTs and CHTs in a colorful bar graph with leaning assistance, and totalize Fuel Flow to see your Estimated Remaining Fuel. All flight data is recorded so you can analyze the performance and health of your engine any time you like!

Product Code: CGR-30P-BASIC


CGR-30P Basic 4 Cyl [$3,395.00]
CGR-30P Basic 6 Cyl [$4,090.00]
Special Instructions

Add a Smart Charger to Order

Adds a smart charger, the newest EI accessory, that comes with 2 USB ports and 3 Data Ports [$170.00]Two USB ports for anything compatible (smart phones, tablets, etc) and 3 ports for data download
Choose Second Arc

Fuel Flow
Choose only four pimary functions

Pick up to 5 additional functions

Additional function Hydraulic Press

Additional function Fuel Flow

Additional function G-Meter

Additional function Carb Temp IAT

Additional function Amps

Additional function Fuel Level

Additional function Second Amps


Features Technical Specs Information
CGR-30P Screens Overview

The Main Screen

The Main Screen displays the Tachometer and Manifold Pressure in large, beautiful analog arcs at the top of the instrument. Directly below the analog arcs, the respective digital values of each function are displayed. The analog display provides pilots with immediacy and quick reference values, while the digital display gives pilots the precision to accurately monitor their engine.

For aircraft without a constant speed prop, pilots may choose to display fuel flow instead of Manifold Pressure on one of the two arcs at the top of the instrument, which will free up another location on the Main Screen for another function.

In addition to the two arcs at the top of the Main Screen, the CGR also provides pilots with a complete, Primary Replacement EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer. Each cylinder is monitored by the CGR, and if any engine temperature rises above or below programmed limits, the CGR will let you know immediately. The EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer also has a Lean-of-Peak Mode and a Rich-of-Peak Mode for easy engine leaning. The CGR will let you know as each cylinder peaks, at what temperature each cylinder peaks, and how far below each cylinder is operating once they have peaked.

To the Right of the EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer, the CGR contains three STC'd, Primary Replacement engine instruments. Choose between myriad options, including Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, TIT, Volts, Fuel Level(s), Vacuum, and more.

Bar Graph



The CGR-30P comes standard with a state-of-the-art, full-color bar graph which assists with ROP/LOP leaning. Additionally, the bar graph has both normalized and digital readout screens. No other bar graph in the industry comes close to providing the number of options the CGR-30P offers.

ROP Mode

The Rich-of-Peak mode on the CGR-30P informs the pilot when the first cylinder peaks, as well as how many degrees below peak the engine is operating.

LOP Mode

For Lean-of-Peak Operations, the CGR-30P informs the pilot as each cylinder peaks, at what temp each peaks, and how far from peak each is. For quick reference, every cylinder's peak information is constantly displayed and tattletale bars are shown above each cylinder, indicating where each cylinder peaked the last time the engine was leaned.

Normalized Mode

The Bar Graph can easily be Normalized, creating a baseline from which to monitor in- flight engine temperature changes. When Normalized, all of the bars start off at the same height. If any cylinder's column is not the same height as the others, than that cylinder's Exhaust Gas Temperature has changed in relation to the other cylinders. These changes can be critical indicators to problems occurring within your engine.

Peak Markers

While other monitors don't maintain your engine's leaning history, The CGR-30Ps Bar Graph keeps track of exactly where the cylinders peaked during each leaning process. When leaning, the CGR-30P displays a peak marker indicating where each cylinder peaked during the last leaning process, providing visual assistance to pilots.

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