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Electronics International MVP-50P Experimental Piston Engine Monitor***$1500 Mail In Rebate***
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Electronics International, MVP-50 Glass Panel Engine Monitor
In-Flight Information System, for 4, 6 or 8 Cylinder Engines

  • Replaces over 15 engine instruments and 50 functions. Enhanced TFT Color Display for sunlight viewing. Complete engine and aircraft system instruments in an easy-to-read format.

  • USB Port for uploading and downloading data. Flight Data, Checklists, Flight Plans and General Information Screens. Easy to install! Reduces the wire bundle to the instrument panel by over 100+ wires


Programmable over-temp limits provide pilots with immediate alerts whenever critical function parameters are exceeded during flight. Onboard data-recording gives pilots the capability to review entire flight histories for any flight. A complete bar graph gives critical engine information during flight, including leaning assistance, temperature differentials, audible and visual limit alerts. The System Screen is dedicated to aircraft systems, including flaps, trim and rudder, as well as whatever other functions you want to view. Customizable checklists visually inform you which steps have and have not been completed in each checklist. General Information Screens and Flight Plan Screens can be customized to store critical flight information, allowing you to create a "virtual cockpit," free of the pieces of paper pilots regularly have to juggle to stay on top of in-flight operations.

Packages Include (hardware):
  • MVP-50 Display Unit
  • EDC (Engine Data Converter)
  • Pre-wired Harness
  • All EGT & CHT Probes and Cables
  • Oil Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Oil Temperature Transducer and Cable
  • Fuel Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Fuel Flow Transducer and Cable
  • OAT Probe and Cable
  • Vacuum Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Two RPM Pickups and Cables
  • Manifold Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Shunt (for AMPS) and Cable
  • Volts Pickup
  • USB Download/Upload Memory Stick
  • AL-1R (Red External Warning Light)

Product Code: MVP-50


MVP-50P-4: 4 Cyl Exp. [$5,300.00]
MVP-50P-6: 6 Cyl Exp. (for engines over 350hp, specify the FT-90 FFT) [$5,750.00]
MVP-50P-8: 8 Cyl Air-cooled (with two EDC-33Ps) [$5,950.00]
MVP-50P-8W: 8 Cyl Exp. Water Cooled [$5,150.00]
Special Instructions

3/4" Cap. Fuel Level Probe

Add four 6' wire cables to connect

Airspeed: PT-05Diff

Aux Volt/ Amp module (FM-VA-3)

Cabin Altitude: PT-30ABS

Cabin Differential Pressure

Carb Temp: P-128


Fuel Flow Differential FFDM-1

Fuel Flow from pulsed injector


H20 Pressure, PT-05H20

High Manifold Pressure PT-60ABS

Hydraulic Pressure PT-3000S

Magnetic Float Sensor P-300M

MVP-50P Carbon Monoxide Detector

MVP-50P Mini Capacitive Fuel Level

Pressure Altitude PT-30Alt

Real time data out

TIT probe

Type K Cable XDO-6' extension cable

Upper Deck Pressure PT-30GA

Vacuum Pressure PT-05Diff


Please choose from the selections below
Alumium Panel for installation [$96.00]
Display parameters in a 2nd location [$3,550.00]
Accessories (2)

Please choose from the selections below
CP-1-MVP LED controls display intensity [$68.00]
USB memory 128 MP+ download, upload data [$35.00]
EGView Charting Software [$125.00]
EDC-33P Engine Data Converter [$1,496.00]

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