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Citation Belly LoPresti Aircraft Lighting
Citation Belly LoPresti Aircraft Lighting
Citation Lights from LoPresti Aviation

Next Generation HID lighting Systems by LoPresti for Citation

LoPresti Aviation's specialty is engineering and manufacturing of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system. We manufacture complete kits for multiple Make and models for Federal Aviation Administration Part 23, Part 25, and Part 27 aircraft. Each kit carries a supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA) covering over 300 aircraft models. We deliver complete upgrade systems to replace older technology which would include incandescent lamps and poorly performing LED lights.
Produces 3 - 15 times more light, engineered specially for each model aircraft.
  • Increases safety, see and be seen
  • Reduces electrical loan and heat output
  • Decreases AOG time for lighting issues, no filament to break
  • 5 year/ 5,000hr warranty, proven system based on time-tested experience
  • More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight
  • FAA STC and PMA for hundreds of make/models of aircraft
  • Thousands of installations worldwide
While other aviation lighting fails due to burnout, vibration, filament failure, or just short lifecycle (an incandescent lamp may have to be changed as frequently as 20 hrs.), we recognize this lead to unnecessary AOG time, reduction of mission-readiness, and increased maintenance and operating costs. We address the needs of our clients for increased aircraft lighting and reliability. Please choose from the models of Citation below, based on your aircraft needs.


Citation Belly Lights

Citation 525 CJ, 28V 170W LSM-500-099-11 [$7,995.00]
Citation 525 CJ 28V 120W LSM-500-099-5 [$6,495.00]
Citation 525 CJ 28V 120W LSM-500-099-1 [$6,495.00]
Citation 525 CJ 28V 170W LSM-500-099-7 [$7,995.00]
Citation 525A CJ2 28V 120W LSM-500-099-1 [$6,495.00]
Citation 525A CJ2 28V 170W LSM-500-099-7 [$7,995.00]
Citation 525B CJ3 28V 120W LSM-500-099-1 [$6,495.00]
Citation 525B CJ3 28V 170W LSM-500-099-7 [$7,995.00]
Citation 560XL 28V 180W LSM-500-099-3 [$8,495.00]
Citation 560XL 28V 255W LSM-500-099-9 [$9,995.00]
Citation 560XLS 28V 180W LSM-500-099-3 [$8,495.00]
Citation 560XLS 28V 255W LSM-500-099-9 [$9,995.00]
Citation 560XLS+ 28V 180W LSM-500-099-3 [$8,495.00]
Citation 560XLS+ 28V 255W LSM-500-099-9 [$9,995.00]

Features Technical Specs Information
  • Increases Safety, See and be Seen.
  • Producces 500% more light in most applications and they are engineered specficially for your aircraft.
  • More closesly approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight
  • 5 year or 5,000 hours Warranty, proven systems with time tested experience
  • Reduces Electrial Load and Heat
  • Decreases AOG time for lighting issues, no filamint to break
  • FAA STC and PMA for hundreds of make/ model

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